11 Apocalypses (2015)
Play, Music, & Lyrics Written & Directed by Evan Silver
and Devised by the Company
Production Workshop, Providence

It’s the end of the world, eleven times over. 

Performed by Ellie Gravitte, Naiyah Ambros, Jesse Weil, Zachary Riopelle, Marion Wellington, Jessica Steans-Gail, Miles Bergner, Emily Rudder, Hannah Margolin, Kenneth Kim, Katherine Doherty, Marli Scharlin Bergner, Andy Colpitts, and Jason Roth

Percussion by Aaron Whitman
Violin by Ryan Segur
Cello, Bass, & Guitar by Sammy Levine

Stage Managed by JJ Maley
General Managed by Liz Oakley
Asst. Directed by Joey Massa
Dramaturgy by Sarah Cooke
Set Design by Josh Cape
Mask Design by Audie Fierberg
Costume Design by Jennifer Avery
Light Design by Grant Glovin
Sound Design by Aaron Whitman
Props Design by Ezra Dulit-Greenberg
Technical Direction by Stacie Farrow
Photos by Evan Silver and Danielle Perelman
Poster Design by Jess X. Snow