H Y P E R F A N T A S I A (2021-2) by Evan Silver aka Tiresias
Performed at Ars Nova, The Brick Theater, HERE Arts Center, Club Cumming, The Tank, Starr Bar, Otherworld Theatre, Davenport’s Cabaret, Super Secret Arts, & Postmasters Gallery

HYPERFANTASIA is a sci-fi fantasy cabaret about the proliferation of matter in the universe and life on planet Earth. Featuring original music and projections, this miniature epic draws on new evolutionary theories and ancient queer wisdom to dismantle the survival-of-the-fittest paradigm toward an ethic of abundance and extravagance. Hosted by Tiresias, the blind prophet of the Underworld, HYPERFANTASIA includes a reenactment of the Big Bang as a celestial orgasm, a heartfelt ode to our prehistoric unicellular bacterial ancestors, and a dance choreographed using movements of birds-of-paradise during mating rituals.

Previous shows have featured Tristan Allen, Adele Computer, Iodine Quartz, Hodo Alien, Olivur Yu, Esther, Klondyke, Sweaty Eddie, Juno Stardust, C’était BonTemps, Pixel the Drag Jester, Will Atkins, Mizuho Kappa, Ezra Moth, Tallulah Talons, Deborah Lader, Xo Carrington, J’royce Jata, Senerio, & Claywoman. 

Music, Video, Text, & Performance by Evan Silver aka Tiresias
Poster Designs by Tobias Burraway
Photos by Caroline Granoff & Danny Bristoll