Metamorphoses (2014) by Mary Zimmerman, adapted from Ovid
Directed by Evan Silver | Performed at the Shearer Memorial Fountain, Providence

As a tree takes root in whatever earth will give, we reach our hands into the sky for answers. 

Midas | Alcyone & Ceyx | Daphne & Apollo | Erysichthon | Atalanta | Pandora | Orpheus & Eurydice | Pygmalion | Pomona & Vertumnus | Myrrha | The Fates | Phaethon | Icarus | Eros & Psyche | Baucis & Philemon

Performed by Keston McMillan, Brian Semel, Simon Henriques, Katherine Doherty, Jo’nella Queen Ellerbe, Stephanie Randall, Sienna Vann, and Ryan Segur

Production Managed by Dylan Platt
Stage Managed by Ada Dolan-Zalaznick
Costume Design by Fred Mézidor
Ligthing Design by Grant Glovin
Sound Design by Aaron Whitman
Scenic Design by Liz Oakley
Dramaturgy by Celeste Cahn
Original Music by Evan Silver
Props Design by Audie Fierberg
Mural Design by Isabella McCormick
Choreography by Marli Scharlin Bergner
Publicity and Poster Design by Gabriel Anaya
Presented by Shakespeare On the Green
Photos by Evan Silver