Theatre for Pigeons is a flock of interdisciplinary artists devising hybrid theatre works on telephone wires in your backyard. We aim to break down the boundaries of theatrical convention toward innovative, intercultural forms. We celebrate the mythic and the mundane, wandering in the liminal spaces between architectures and ecologies. Hailing from Australia, Taiwan, Germany, Russia, the US and the UK, Theatre for Pigeons has produced two works: Edgelands and bodies, of water

bodies, of water (2018)
Created and Performed by Theatre for Pigeons
CLF Art Cafe & IKLECTIK Art Lab, London

How do we recover the river? bodies, of water is a kaleidoscopic quest to re-animate the lost life force of the river by sifting through the ripples left behind. Devised based on a literal trek to the source of the River Thames. 

Photos by Sherry Huang

Edgelands (2018)
Created and Performed by Theatre for Pigeons
Central Bankside, London

Edgelands explores the liminal spaces between life and death, the human and the animal, the mundane and the mythological. As we unravel the mysteries of our own mortality and peer into the empty space beyond, we spin stories that transcend the bounds of ordinary life. We hope to emerge from the edgelands anew, leaving behind only a trail of dead pigeons.