U N D E R W O R L D (2022-23) by Evan Silver aka Tiresias
Performed at 3 Dollar Bill, Purgatory, & Club Cumming

UNDERWORLD Is a ritual celebration of monstrosity and otherness designed for queer nightclubs. 

Previous iterations have featured God Complex, Untitled Queen, La Zavaleta, Iodine Quartz, Sweaty Eddie, Klondyke, Spawn, Lucy McCormick, Alexander Paris, Synead, Anna Monoxide, Mizuho Kappa, Will Atkins, the Institute of Queer Ecology, Ezra Moth, Megami, Amygdala, Nicolas Baird, Lynda White, Patric Madden, Asato, Juniper Juicy, Lola Strange, Linda Felcher, Vile, Lady Simon, Sailor Malice, Christian Tokyo, Ode aka Tristan Allen, Defacto Obsolete, Jay Kay, Sleth, Carnation, Vnyx, and Tiresias.

Winner of the September 2022 Awesome Foundation NYC grant.

Created by Evan Silver aka Tiresias
Puppets by Cavan Meese & Liz Oakley
Photos by Rachel Slakter