U N D E R W O R L D (2022) by Evan Silver aka Tiresias
Performed at Purgatory and 3 Dollar Bill

The prophet Tiresias presides as ringmaster to the most spine-chilling cast of gods, ghosts, creatures and critters to haunt the aspohdels. Highlighting weird and wild work inspired by myths, legends, folktales, and fairytales, UNDERWORLD is sure to be an ecstatic night you won’t live to forget. 

Previous installments have featured God Complex, Untitled Queen, La Zavaleta, Iodine Quartz, Sweaty Eddie, Klondyke, Spawn, Juniper Juicy, Chartruice, Lola Strange, Linda Felcher, DJ Lady Simon, DJ Sailor Malice, Liz Oakley, Tristan Allen, Defacto Obsolete, Sleth, Vnyx, and Tiresias.

Created by Evan Silver aka Tiresias
Puppet Designed by Liz Oakley
Headpiece by Carnation
Photos by Rachel Slakter and Vnyx