Waxwing (2013)
Play, Music, & Lyrics Written & Directed by Evan Silver
Production Workshop, Providence

A bird teaches a boy how to fly. The sun writes a love letter to the sea. 

The Sea: Hassani Scott
The Sun: Stephanie Randall
The Boy: Ezra Dulit-Greenberg
The Bird: Sabrina Imbler

Percussion by Aaron Whitman
Piano by Theo Follini-Press
Violin by Ryan Segur

Stage Managed by Becca Balton
Wing and Props Design by Zoe Lohmann
Costume Design by Fred Mézidor
Technical Direction by Paige Vance
Production Managed by Dylan Platt
Lighting Design by Jordana Rosenfeld
Poster Design by Jess X. Snow
Set Design by Evan Silver